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On January 26, 2006, during the final meeting before Skate the Lake 3, Portland Outdoors co-founders Chris Allan and Colin Horsfall unveiled a new award. Named after Marco Smits, initiator of the International Big Rideau Lake Speed Skating Marathon and co-founder and past president of Portland Outdoors, this award, made from a piece of local barn board, is regularly given by Marco to one or more participants or volunteers, whose efforts really made the event memorable.

Gary Gaboury, 2021 Recipient of the Marco Smits Award

Gary Gaboury has been an amazing Skate the Lake volunteer ever since he and his wife Brigitte moved to the area. Gary moved to Rideau Lakes from the Canadian west coast where he was -amongst other things- part of a rescue team operating in the mountains around Whistler. He is multitalented and brings his skills as a mechanic and a woodworker and his knowledge of the great outdoors to Skate the Lake. Gary is such an unassuming guy who doesn't want to be in the foreground but he is a perfect fit for the Marco Smits Award.

"The Bobs", 2020 Recipients of the Marco Smits Award

We’ve had amazing Bobs contribute to Skate the Lake for years. I’ll never forget Bob Petrie calling up one day -many many years ago- asking “say what do you need and I’ll bring it over”. What a way to say “I would like to help”. He was so generous towards Skate the Lake and still is to this day.
Then there is Bob Montague who is retired from the Canadian Armed Forces and puts his precious skills to work at STL year after year. And while there are so many things to highlight that this Bob has done over the years, my personal favourite remains the evening lighting in the skaters village in Hannah Park. 
And then Bob Tutt, who always seems to show up at the right time with his trusted four-wheeler while bringing a smile and a joke along.
We couldn't do what we do without volunteers like the Bobs.

Catherine Kwiecien, 2019 Recipient of the Marco Smits Award
Presented January 27, 2019
Very few people have been to every Skate the Lake and for sure there is only one person who participated in every edition and that's Catherine Kwiecien.
Catherine for me embodies what Skate the Lake is all about. I love her can-do attitude. A couple of years ago we had beautiful ice conditions all across Big Rideau Lake, one of those rare occasions you could skate almost anywhere, explore every bay. When Catherine found out, she jumped in the car as if Waterloo is just around the corner and we skated all across the Rideau for a couple of days.
Catherine's friendliness rubs off on everybody from the moment she arrives in town with "her entourage" and she puts a smile on the faces of the people around her. Over the years Catherine has brought generations of skaters to Portland. Nephews, nieces and all kinds of speed skaters from the Waterloo area and beyond and here is to hoping that tradition will go on forever. 

Carolyn Bresee, 2018 Recipient of the Marco Smits Award
Presented February 18, 2018

What do you do when a Dutch delegation of speed skaters comes to town accompanied by the ambassador of the Netherlands to Canada? You play the national anthem of the Netherlands, of course. No, better yet, you find someone to sing it live. Well, even though there are a million Canadians of Dutch descent, it proved very difficult to find someone to sing the Dutch anthem during Skate the Lake 2018.

In comes Carolyn Bresee, one of our dedicated volunteers, whose mom moved to Canada from the Netherlands after WWII and whose aunt was an accomplished speed skater. Carolyn said she would sing "Het Wilhelmus", however, Carolyn doesn't speak Dutch and I can tell you it isn't an easy language! I sent her a few online versions of the anthem and didn't hear much more until the next Skate the Lake meeting in the Portland Community Centre. I have to say I was nervous for Carolyn but she blew my mind when she sang in front of all the volunteers. It was perfect and a few weeks later, she nailed it in front of the ambassador and hundreds of skaters, volunteers and spectators on the ice.

Clay Battams, 2018 Recipient of the Marco Smits Award
Presented February 18, 2018

You know how many days the Skate the Lake oval was “skateable” in 2018? TWO! February 17 and 18, the exact dates we had planned our first 100-kilometer event and a visit by 60+ Dutch skaters. The winter of 2018 was marked by series of warm spells and in the final days before Skate the Lake 14, it was nothing but rain and wind. Even that Friday it was well above zero but our confident volunteers counted on the weather forecast and their years of ice-prep experience on Big Rideau Lake, none more so than Clay Battams. Over the years, Clay has spent hundreds of hours on our Olympia ice-resurfacer and when the temperatures dropped around midnight, he climbed it once again. By the time the sun came up the oval was in great shape. That level of determination is what Clay and Skate the Lake is all about. Thanks Clay!

Toine Doreleijers, 2018 Recipient of the Marco Smits Award
Presented February 18, 2018

Throughout the history of Skate the Lake, I have often spoken to committee members and volunteers about the Weissensee in Austria where Dutch skaters gather for 10 days of speed skating races each year. The venue is so amazing and it is so well organized and I always try and learn from what I see in photos and videos from there. So when in 2016 conversations between Weissensee Chairman Toine Doreleijers and ourselves began I was clearly very excited about the prospect of a possible “Dutch invasion” into Portland one day. Toine visited Portland the following year and put his trust in us and Skate the Lake 14 in 2018 was an amazing success in large part because of him.

Ken and Marcia Maxwell, 2018 Recipient of the Marco Smits Award
Presented March, 2018

I was so proud to surprise Ken and Marcia with the Marco Smits Award at our sponsorship dinner a couple of weeks after Skate the Lake 2018. It was in a packed community centre and it was apparent to me how many sponsors in the room I had never met before. That’s because of Ken and Marcia. Their endless energy has attracted so many new people to Skate the Lake and continues to do so. No task is too small or big. They are always there. Skate the Lake would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for Ken and Marcia. Plus Ken’s lasagna is legendary and Marcia is an amazing hugger.

Chloe Segal, 2017 Recipient of the Marco Smits Award
Presented January 29, 2017

I had a chat with Chloe in the Portland community centre prior to the 50K on Sunday and learned she is a promising young speed skater who is on the verge of breaking the 50 second barrier in her favourite distance, the 500 metres. However, at Skate the Lake 2017, Chloe signed up for a race 100 times longer than that and at the age of 17, she was the youngest participant in the marathon that day. I’d seen Chloe at Skate the Lake a few years back and knew she never skated a 50K. She was even trying Nordic blades for the first time to give herself a better chance on the lake ice.
In the first few laps of the 50K, Chloe skated in the same group as I did until I couldn’t keep up with the pace any longer and dropped back. A couple of laps later, I noticed somebody else dropped out of that group and when I caught up to her I noticed it was Chloe. We had a quick chat and decided to work together. The following lap she drafted behind me until I heard a crash and looked behind me to see Chloe flat on the ice. I stopped, turned around and helped her up on her blades, but she had landed on her knee and I immediately had the feeling she might be too sore to continue. The paramedics arrived and Chloe was encouraging me to skate on. I knew she was in good hands and continued my race. I didn’t see her again until I finished and she was waiting for me at the finish line. We exchanged high fives and she told me she skated a few more laps before pulling out. It was clear she really wanted to finish the race and I was so inspired by her determination that I decided to give Chloe Segal the Marco Smits Award.

Guylaine Larouche, 2016 Recipient of the Marco Smits Award
Presented January 24, 2016

We've seen our share of incredible female athletes at Skate the Lake over the years and 2016 was no exception when Guylaine Larouche of Mount Orford, Quebec did something I'd never seen before. Guylaine made her Portland debut in 2015 and promptly won the 50K women's race that year but on the Saturday of Skate the Lake 12 in 2016 she outdid herself by becoming the first woman ever to win one of our marathon distances overall. On Saturday, Guylaine skated the 25K and placed first in the Ladies division just eight seconds from winning the entire event outright. On Sunday, maybe spurred on by her performance on Saturday. she won the 50K in a time of 1:58:26, a full 12 minutes ahead of everyone. This was perhaps the easiest decision I ever made in awarding the Marco Smits Award. 

Gaetan Rochette, 2015 Recipient of the Marco Smits Award.
Presented January 24, 2015 

I met Gaétan Rochette before I ever even thought of Skate the Lake. On a whim, my wife Teresa and I drove to Lac Beauport just outside of Quebec City in 2003 and I skated the 25K which just about killed me.
Gaétan was one of the organizers of that race, which was held on a beautiful 2.5K oval and it was so windy that day that it made the northern winds of Big Rideau Lake seem like a breeze. What I didn’t
know is that by that time Gaétan was already one of the most respected and knowledgeable people in the North American marathon skating scene. Over the next few years Gaétan became one of those skaters I mostly recognized by the colours of his suit (red and yellow) as he passed me in every race. I also got to know Gaétan as we volunteered together on the board of Marathon Skating International.
However, after a few years, Gaétan started to get more and more involved in the timing of the MSI races and I saw the other side of him. On his knees on the ice burying a wire into the frozen lake at the start finish line, trying to keep the laptop from freezing in the referee hut and dealing with skaters and organizers looking for their results. His main objective was always the same; advancing the sport of marathon skating in North America. Then at Skate the Lake 11 in 2015, Gaétan announced this was the last time he would be the time keeper at STL and while I will dearly miss him in that role it makes me happy because perhaps this year again I will be lapped by Gaétan in his familiar yellow and red suit. 


Hugh Colton and John Bongers, 2014 Recipients of the Marco Smits Award.
Presented January 26, 2014  

2014 was an amazing year, it was Skate the lakes 10th Anniversary, we were hosting the North American Marathon Speed Skating Championships, we had the thickest and best ice in history, so its only fitting that the Marco Smits award would be special as well ---- We had two very deserving recipients.

One of my all time favourite Skate the Lake traditions -and one of many introduced by John Bongers- is the ceremonial cutting of the ice at the opening ceremony‎. John takes a chain saw and in front of everybody he cuts a slice of ice out of the lake just before the singing of the national anthem.  At STL 10 the ice was thicker than ever before. Even the 'old timers’ in town said they had rarely seen it this thick in their lifetime. John, being the resourceful dairy farmer turned icemaster he is, decided to 'pre-cut' the ice block on the Friday before race day. The blade on his regular chain saw wasn't long enough and a 24 inch blade was brought in. The following day, the North American championships were kicked off in true Skate the Lake fashion as John raised the block of ice above his head. I love this stuff! I also love the memories of John's coffee maker plugged into a generator perking away in the middle of the lake at sunrise as well as the constant stream of delicious home cooking he brings along as prepared by his wife Christine. John skated in the first edition of Skate the Lake in 2004 and came on board in the organizing committee the next year. He has been at the helm for many years now which gives me a great sense of confidence towards the future and longevity of Skate the Lake.

Hugh Colton, to me, is the voice of Skate the Lake. I have never heard anyone talk with so much passion about the event. And he does it live on air! I remember some Saturday mornings, early January, sitting in Hugh's car doing an interview for Lake 88.1 at 7 a.m. and thinking "this is way to early to be talking about anything". But then Hugh spoke with so much passion that he shook me right out of my early morning mood. Sometimes I find myself on a summer's day out on the Rideau thinking about Hugh's live on air reports of the ceremonial cutting of the ice -sticking his microphone as close to the spray of lake slush and chainsaw blade as he could- and it makes me smile. I was so proud to be sitting out on the lake in Hugh's latest showroom vehicle at STL 10 when I handed him the Marco Smits award live on air. To give this award to a guy who means so much to so many people in our community makes me proud.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Beth Wylie, 2013 Recipient of the Marco Smits Award
Presented January 26, 2013

For the first time in  the nine-year history of  Skate the Lake, I  registered for a 5K race.  In my last lap I passed Beth Wylie, who was, judging from the big smile on her face, enjoying herself very much. In passing I asked, "How are you feeling?" and Beth answered, "Great, especially considering I had a hip replacement last year." Say WHAT??

So immediately after finishing my race I went over to our announcer Hugh Colton to ask if he would mention this amazing achievement over the speakers the next time Beth came around. That being said, I needed to know absolutely sure that what I heard from Beth was correct so I skated back to her. (Beth was in the running for the red lantern, so I had a bit of time).

Still smiling and skating along on her white figure skates, Beth told me she actually had DOUBLE hip surgery done and right there I knew I had found a perfect candidate for the Marco Smits award.

Eric Essex, 2012 Recipient of the Marco Smits Award
Presented January 28, 2012
During preparations for Skate the Lake 2, on a snowy and blustery December day, I was walking through the village of Portland, hanging up posters to advertise the event when I heard a friendly voice calling me to come inside and warm up. That was the first time

I met Eric and his wife Jen and from that moment on, Eric's incredible enthusiasm for the Skate the Lake makes him one of the key volunteers and without him the event just wouldn't be the same.


Now, many years later, nothing has changed and Eric continues to be a driving force behind Skate the Lake. With contagious enthusiasm and determination, he ensures that the Skate the Lake continues to grow and improve every year. Whether he is spreading the word online or driving the Portland Outdoors ice resurfacer in local Christmas parades, he is known as Skate the Lake's biggest promoter.  Eric, thanks for your awesome enthusiasm and making the event better every year!!

Graham Lodge, 2011 Recipient of the Marco Smits Award
Presented on January 29, 2011.
No other skater has participated in as many races and won so many prizes here as Graham. When Graham arrives at the oval, we sometimes joke that we might need a professional moving company to help him take all his prizes home at the end of the day!

Not too many people know that, Graham (along with Tony Zegers and Jake Maarse) actually attended the very first official Portland Outdoors meeting in 2003, before the race was ever held. Prior to this year’s race, Graham came up to and was apologetic because he was not going to skate ALL the RACES that day as we have grown accustomed to. Say what???  Of course, at the end of the day, Graham finished the 25K marathon five minutes ahead of me and he swept the podium in Male 70+ category. Can’t wait to see you again next year Graham! Thanks again for being one of the biggest supporters and most active participant of the event.

Lori Gilbert, 2011 Recipient of the Marco Smits Award
Presented on January 29, 2011
As the award ceremony for Skate the Lake 7 came to an end and the crowd was gathered on the ice in front of the stage, Lori signaled to me that I should not forget to present the Marco Smits award. The timing could not have been any better and all the volunteers (all but Lori that is) knew why. Over the years, Lori has become such an important part of Skate the Lake and is known for her enthusiasm and "anything is possible" attitude as she leads the volunteers and assists in preparations months ahead of the event every year. Anyone who has ever attended the event will recognize her friendly face in the crowd and on the awards stage.

A few days before the 2011 Skate the Lake, Lori went for a moonlit skate with some family and friends on the oval to make sure that everything was ready for the big day. Wanting to share the moment with others, she decided to make a phone call, flipping backwards in the process, and knocking her head on the ice. A bit shook up and bruised, Lori wasn't sure how much she would be able to help in the final days leading up the event. The entire Portland Outdoors volunteer team panicked a bit at the prospect of her being out of commission because she contributes so much to making the day special.

So, it was with great pride that I gave the award to Lori and to share the moment with all the volunteers, participants and spectators. Lori is a Skate the Lake super volunteer and the first non-skater to receive the award.

Rick Mercer, 2009 Recipient of the Marco Smits Award
Presented on January 31, 2009.
Leading up to Skate the Lake 6, I learned that volunteer Ian Bongers wrote a letter to television personality Rick Mercer inviting him to the event and four weeks before the big day

we heard that he was coming to film an episode of the Rick Mercer Report in Portland. (click here to see it) The excitement about this news was overwhelming and the volunteer team was determined to make this year better than ever.

One of the first thoughts I had when I heard he wanted to participate, was that he has to wear a skin suit, which is the tight fitting one piece outfit worn by competitive speed skaters. And Rick, a great sport and always willing to try anything new, was part of our relay team fully dressed in spandex and speed skates. The event took about 30 minutes and it was -15 C, so cold that my feet were numb in my skates. I had to run into the registration trailer to thaw out my toes in front of our cozy woodstove. Rick however spent another hour and a half on the ice in his skin suit and speed skates talking to participants and spectators and that was more than enough to earn him the Marco Smits award.


Sue Warren, 2008 Recipient of the Marco Smits Award
Presented on January 26, 2008.
Everyone knew that Sue, one of our long-time volunteers, was athletic and strong but no one had ever seen her on ice skates or heard her talk about participating. The rumour was that she goes rollerblading every day at lunchtime but when she told me just a few weeks before the race she was considering skating this year, I wasn't sure what to think. A week before the race I heard that Sue bought her first pair of long blades. Sure enough, in the days building up to Skate the Lake 5 Sue was spotted on the oval every day. I was still pretty sure Sue was going to skate the 10K but no way. And the most amazing thing was that she made the 50K marathon look easy! Steve and her kids cheered her on to an incredible 2 hours and 42 minutes finishing time only a week after she first stepped on speed skates.

Paul Herlehy, 2007 Recipient of the Marco Smits Award
Presented on January 27, 2007
Paul has been an amazing asset to Portland Outdoors. In the fall of 2006 he founded the first active speed skating club in Westport. A natural athlete, he purchased skates and took part in marathons in Quebec, Lake Placid and Ottawa to prepare for Skate the Lake 4, on January 27, 2007. Paul fell during the 50K race that day and had to stop. While this could have been a very disappointing day for him after all preparations for the race, it was not. Paul's dedication to advance local speed skating and his always positive outlook are appreciated and respected by everyone involved.

Vicki Stephenson, 2006 Recipient of the Marco Smits Award
Presented on January 29, 2006
The first ever recipient of the award, Vicki picked up speed skating 3 weeks before she competed in the 50K race at the 3rd International Big Rideau Lake Speed Skating Marathon. Even though she already played hockey and was comfortable on the ice, she only got her first pair of speed skates a few days before the race. Finishing with a huge smile on her face in an awesome time, Vicki made the 50K look easy to her family, friends and all the spectators cheering her on.

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