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Below is a summary of the 2022 Skate the Lake Challenge.


What a great skating season 2022 has been. Much like 2021, we managed to skate well into March.
The Skate the Lake Challenge totals were amazing and it made all the volunteers realize how much enjoyment people are getting out of their efforts. We had 70 skaters report laps this year compared to 21 last year. And while in 2021 collectively we skated to Thunder Bay we actually made it all the way to Regina, Saskatchewan in 2022. The collective total was 2,703 kilometres.


Thanks to Tom, Gary and Clay for running the equipment all winter long. Hard to believe they did 700 laps so we could skate (300 on the plow truck, 211 on the Olympia and 187 on the broom tractor).


Also fun this year was that we tracked club members who recorded their kilometres in exotic places such as Ottawa, Brantford and Sherbrooke. Shout out to Ken and Jenn for keeping track of everyone's totals. Thank you all for participating. We love the challenge!



Here is how to challenges works:
1. Use Strava track your distance. Download the Strava app -a mobile app tracking exercise using GPS data- on your phone and join the Skate the Lake Club. Active the app and start skating. 
2. Manually log the number of laps you skated in our form. Each time after you've skated you laps make sure to log them there.


Skate the Lake volunteers will monitor both of these and will track and publish them on social media.


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