Here is how to track your laps:

1. Use Strava track your distance. Download the Strava app on your phone and join the Skate the Lake Club. Start skating and record your activity. 

2. Manually log the number of laps you skated in our form. Each time after you've skated you laps make sure to log them there.

After 18 years of hosting Skate the Lake, an event that brings the Rideau Lakes community together and visitors to our area, we are adjusting to life during the COVID-19 pandemic. We realize that Skate the Lake as we planned it for the last weekend of January is out of the question. But now more than ever people are looking for a way to exercise and stay healthy. What better way to do this on skates in the open air on Big Rideau Lake?!

Portland has become known for its one-kilometre oval during the winter months and the volunteers at Skate the Lake are committed to maintaining the ice again this winter.  As long as weather conditions allow there will be an oval on the lake this year. That is our challenge, and we have a challenge for you as well: the Skate the Lake Challenge.

This winter we want you to track the laps you skate on our oval. And we want you to set one of these targets for the season…will you skate 5k, 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k or 200k? You’ve got all winter. 


Skate the Lake volunteers will monitor both of these and will track and publish them on social media.