You can register in the registration trailer located at Hanna park Portland ON.  All skaters regardless of where they registered must check in with the registration trailer at a minimum 30 mins prior to the start of their races. There is a $5.00 insurance charge per Canadian skater over the age of 18 that covers the skater for all races. All skaters are requested to wear a helmet, it is mandatory for any skater under the age of 18. Skaters past the age of 18, that do not want to wear a helmet, must sign a waiver excluding them from liability coverage. If you would like to pre-register but not do it online, send an email to registration@portlandoutdoors.com and we will send you a package. If registering for the 5 X 1K Relay race, please remember that “Dressing in Costumes” is encouraged.

Free public skating, to music,  will start AFTER the last race each day. Public skaters are asked to stay off the oval until the last registered skater has left the ice.

The fabulous FIREWORKS display is on Saturday night at dusk, approximately 6:00-6:30.

The registration trailer will be open on Friday Jan. 24th from 2pm to 6pm