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Skater update

There are only a few weekends left in February. Stay tuned to see if we can have any skating on the bay in Portland this year and perhaps have a Skate the Lake event. Let us know if you have questions about our new approach.

Skate the Lake Reinventing Itself. Different approach after 20 years, switch to pop-up style events, Skate the Lake Challenge remains.

Volunteers of a popular skating event in the village of Portland, Ontario in the township of Rideau Lakes are working on reinventing the way they have organized races for 20 years. Traditionally, Skate the Lake was held on the last weekend of January, but the pandemic and climate change have organizers reconsider that approach. “To deal with the reality of frequent warming spells and rain we are going to experiment with pop up style events where we will decide on races only a few days in advance when we have a clear picture of short-term weather forecast,” Bongers said.
Read the full announcement here.


Would you like to donate to Skate the Lake. All the details are available here.

In 2009, Rick Mercer visited Portland. As you can see, it was a great day.

This would not be possible without community support.


Have you been skating a lot?  We hope so, your $25 donation will help with all the little things that ad up over the course of a season. 

Thank you

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We can't thank you enough, with the rising cost of insurance and equipment your $100 donation is helping us pay the bills incurred each winter by our team of local volunteers.

Thank you

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