The oval is now open! We are doing our best to maintain it as long as ice conditions permit.  Follow Skate The Lake on Facebook for current ice conditions.


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Skate the Lake Challenge

Even though we won't have a regular event this year, we do feel that exercise is super important at this time. This is why we introduce the Skate the Lake Challenge. Set your personal goal and keep track of the laps you skate on our oval! Can you skate 5, 50 or even 100 kilometers throughout the season? #SkateTheLakeChallenge 

In 2009, Rick Mercer visited Portland. As you can see, it was a great day.

This would not be possible without community support.


Have you been skating a lot?  We hope so, your $25 donation will help with all the little things that ad up over the course of a season. 

Thank you


We can't thank you enough, with the rising cost of insurance and equipment your $100 donation is helping us pay the bills incurred each winter by our team of local volunteers.

Thank you