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Skate the Lake 2022

Skate the Lake "as we know it" will return in 2022. Mark your calendar for two days of races and fun on January 29 and 30, 2022. More details and online registration to follow soon. #skatethelake

Help Promote Skate the Lake 2022

Help promote Skate the Lake 2022. Download a copy of the poster and hang up prints across your community, in hockey rinks, public notice boards etc.

Skate the Lake Challenge 2022

Last year we introduced the Skate the Lake Challenge and while we plan our regular Skate the Lake weekend January 29 and 30, we will also do the challenge again as long as the oval is open, skate as many laps as you can or like and submit them to us. We will keep track of your total kilometres and compare them to everyone else in the challenge. Last year 21 participants skated 1,433 kilometres combined. That's from Portland to Thunder Bay!


Would you like to donate to Skate the Lake. All the details are available here.

In 2009, Rick Mercer visited Portland. As you can see, it was a great day.

This would not be possible without community support.


Have you been skating a lot?  We hope so, your $25 donation will help with all the little things that ad up over the course of a season. 

Thank you


We can't thank you enough, with the rising cost of insurance and equipment your $100 donation is helping us pay the bills incurred each winter by our team of local volunteers.

Thank you